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Adobe Spark – Free tool to create Social Media post in less than 10 Minutes

Written by Digital Manoj

Creating graphical images will reach more audience but how to create a stunning graphics within 10 minutes.

In this post we are going to discuss how to create stunning graphics in images to share it in social media sites.

We are going to use a tool called adobe spark

This is a free tool once you have landed in website you can sign-up for free and you will get instant access to three major tools Post, Pages and Video creation but in this post we are covering only Post.

To have some ideas on different overlook you click on inspiration gallery tab.

To get started you can see yellow colored + Icon button click on it then the page will redirect to major tools Post, Pages and Tools.

Once you selected post either you start it from scratch or choose from a templates they have provided and edit it with your own images.

Our main goal is to keep text in images with a stunning effect

So first we need to give a Title to show it in image and according to which social media platforms you are choosing to promote you have a select size according to your needs.

Why we are particularly talking about sizes because when you select posters, flyers etc and promoting it in facebook the overall look will be in proper for visitors. The sizes may looks small or it will be large.

Once you clicked on continue the title what we have given will select a default theme and then we can start editing

Here is the steps you can follow.

  • Choose the Theme
  • Replace the image either you can import your owns or find photos in search box
  • There are 5 tabs in top row Design, Layout, Palette, Background, Text

Go through all the tabs which looks good for you and click on share button then you can download it in your local drive or create a link to share directly in social media sites.




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