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The beginners will always have a question what is free and paid themes and what is the advantages and disadvantages of using free and paid WordPress themes. In this article, we will cover the pros and cons.

Advantages of Free WordPress themes

When we think about free WordPress themes the first thing comes to our mind is theme directory it is completely free to use and no need to download from any third-party sites.

All the free WordPress themes will undergo a strict review process. There is a dedicated team will test before adding it to there directory.

The themes are tested for standard compliant code, security, privacy, quality, HTML, and CSS etc.

Have you ever wonder why they are giving it for free and without benefits no one will share.

  • The review team will suggest for improvement and audit the code so developers sharpen their skills.
  • When you share to more peoples you will get feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Creating a strong portfolio which helps them to get paid jobs and develop a custom theme for clients.

Disadvantage of Free WordPress themes

There is some common disadvantage for using free or premium WordPress themes and this will not be a problem for many others to use.

  • Limited Support
  • Design is not unique
  • Limited Features

Advantage of Premium WordPress themes

The premium WordPress themes are purchased from third party sites marketplace like ThemeForest, Elegant themes etc.

  • Contains multiple features for customization
  • Lower the price and ahead of the competition to provide options like drag and drop builder, multiple layouts, color choices, shortcodes. Custom editing options, etc
  • Continuous support and updates
  • When compared to free themes the design is unique to your own customization.

Disadvantage of Premium WordPress themes

There are some common things which we can find even in premium WordPress themes and all the third party site themes are not perfect to use when compared to themes.

The premium WordPress themes will not undergo strict rules and there is no testing process before posting to the marketplace.

  1. Poor coding
  2. Multiple Unnecessary features slow down your site speed
  3. When switching between the themes some of the plugins conflicts due to all the themes will not support the additional functionality

Disadvantages of using free premium themes from third-party sites.

  • Free themes will be injected with Virus, Malware etc to hack the user details.
  • Developers will add a Trackback URL to have a backlink
  • Injects hidden codes you will not be aware until the user complains pop-uping up with advertisements.
  • Not in all the cases but there will be no documentation and demo content

Personal opinion:

Once you purchased premium themes and after installation, the look of the website will not be a demo and also there may be different reasons you will not use the theme

  • Customization is not easy
  • The theme does not have additional functionality.
  • The theme is not suitable for your requirement

Advantages of using free premium themes from third-party sites.

Before buying the theme have a hands-on test to see the features and whether the customization is easy to setup and overall look of the design for your blog/website.

Once you have chosen the right theme I recommend to purchase it from developers so you will get the latest updates, support, documents, and security.

If you are not able to purchase and still want to use the free premium themes I suggest few things.

  • Take a backup of your website regularly. The developers have the rights to there work and they can stop the usage of the theme by requesting to hostings providers but it is not as simple to do for many persons until you are very popular and noticed in particular niche.
  • Do not use payments on your websites, you can collect payments from the third party trusted sites like PayPal, Stripe, pay money etc.
  • These themes are best suitable for static pages and blogging.

If you are not able to find or spend enough money and still do you need the premium themes I am giving you an exclusive deal by donation. Join in our FB group and post your needs, you will also have the learnings on digital marketing tips

In the group, most of them can give you the theme but some of the things I will take care before giving to you because in this article we already learned what is the issue with free premium themes.

1) I will check the availability of the latest versions so you will be in updated.

2) The theme will be scanned with 32 antivirus softwares to identify virus or Malware injections. But in my experience, I have not found any malware injected in themes. The virus can be injected when you are not maintaining your security of your website.

3) I will also check the trackback URL and any hidden codes in the theme. If found Trackback URL will be replaced with your domain name and the hidden codes will also be tested but it is not easy to identify and do not edit the theme until you are good at programming.

Conclusion based on my experience, do not spend money for all the premium themes which you see in the market it may or may not suitable for your requirement or not as easy for customization.

Join in our FB Group, get the theme and hands-on experiment for learning different designs either it may be freelancer sites, forum Sites, landing page drag and drop builder or it can be anything.

It is a good opportunity for you to learn I do have premium themes which I can share with you join in our FB group.

If there are any corrections or any points to be added to the article please comment below.


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