Do You Need to Setup A Print On Demand Business Without Upfront Cost

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Written by Digital Manoj

Print on demand business is an excellent method for beginners who want to start earning without any products in hand.

In this post we are going to discuss on how to setup your print on demand business and by the end of this post you can start working on yours and I am also giving you valuable tips on how to get profit easily without much efforts.

In this post, I am also sharing my experience how I got two sales by selling T-Shirt through Facebook ads.

You can promote your product in different platforms there is no rule you should follow as i do it and we can not guarantee the success rate based on individual results.

This is my first attempt so there is no much optimization in ads but however it is attracted to audience and i got two sales which make me $40 in profits.

My main focus is to reach more audience with low budget hence i have focused on cheapest countries for Facebook clicks and targeted audience.

Here is the list of 35 counties which you can download it for your personal use.

teespring, teespring-tshirt


In the above picture, you can observe that I have spent only $2 but reached around 2k peoples and in another post the same budget is used but reached only 600 peoples.

The audience we will reach vary based on our target audience.

OK, it’s enough about me let’s get start on how you can do it right now.

What is print on demand business

when you got an order you will pass it to manufactures for production.

It is just like a drop shipping but in t-shirt business you need to create graphic design then the order has to pass for printing on t-shirts.

There are companies which do production and deliver directly to customers

Why I have to start with this kind of business

It is a great start for newbies who do not have enough money for investment, If they take risk and investeted in any business they have to wait for profit/loss.

In this blog post we are going to discuss on few websites which is entirely free to signup and you can get started instantly but you should also have some ideas how to promote it.

In this business you will never store any stock and you are completely free from risk. So you can make a try

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

There are many ways you can find out profitable niche if I keep on explaining each point you will end-up what you will learn so only brief idea has been given in this post for any query you can comment in below post

— Niche topics which are trending.
— How many of them are following particular Niche
— What kind of query followers are asking
— See the most popular products which are selling
— Which type of design customers are liking either it is graphics or quotes
— Go through relevant websites for design ideas

2) How to Create Graphics/Design for business

At this step you have already chosen the topic and it’s time to create a design on your t-shirt which is more accessible and reachable to audience it may be either “motivational quotes” or “graphic design” stand out of the crowd.

If you have good knowledge in using adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, GIMP you can do it easily if you do not have any idea how to create I am giving you alternative online websites to use PicMonkey and Pixel or you can outsource your work.

3) Web sites which are giving service

Now you are ready with your Design the next step is to display it in T-Shirt for giving an order. There are a couple of websites but I  tried Teespring (International) and Mydreamstore (Indian Based).


The one of the most popular print on demand service with no up front cost and high quality t-shirts. They will do printing and shipping directly to your customers and also having a great customer service.

  1. Click on start design

teespring, teespring-tshirt

2) The design which you will upload will adjust in between the t-shirt layout, if it is exceeding it wont get printed.

The design can be printed font, back and either both.

The base cost will vary based on the design, color and size

teespring, teespring t-shirt

3) The profit range will increase when you change custom pricing and the target sales.

4) Once it is finalized you should create a campaign for promoting and the campaign is having max of 21 days after the design is created.

If the campaign is expired you can re-promote it.

There are other websites with similar service

2) MyDreamStore
3) Zazzle
4) TeePublic
5) Redbubble
6) Merch.amazon
7) Spread shirt

How to promote it

There are free and paid platforms for promoting.

I recommend you to use free platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Create a page in Facebook etc.

However, you can also create your own store like Shopify and Ecommerce

How much you can earn

The profits are based on how much commission you are taking and how many sales you got. There is no limit on your profits it purely depends on how many peoples you are targeting

How to get profit with an easy tips

You can concentrate on below type of ideas to have quick bucks in short time.

  1. Concentrate on trending things which customers like to purchase
  2. If any new movie is releasing which is having huge fan followers it is the right time for you to promote on it.
  3. In every movie, there are some quotes which we regularly use for funny.
  4. Quotes on sessional based festivals like Christmas, New Year etc
  5. Most important part is tie-up with any local vendor. The orders can be shipped directly from TeeSpring with your profit margin.

Hope this post helps you in finding some of the ways to get started now. If you like this post please provide your comments below

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