Embed Facebook Videos To Your Website For Free To Get More Traffic

Written by Digital Manoj

In this post, we will discuss how we can Embed Facebook Videos to your Website For Free

There are many video platforms but Facebook videos are more engaged. In overall 8 billion video views generate every week.

By this simple strategy and niche targeted you will get more followers and audience who visit your website will love to come back for more information

Here we go with a step by step procedure to easily optimize embed Facebook videos

The videos can be chosen from anywhere either it is in post, pages or Groups

Upon the date give right click and copy link location.


Then Go to Facebook developer tools scroll down until you see embed video player configuration

Paste the copied URL in URL of video and you can configure the pixel width based on your website


Click on Get Code you can see as below

We have got two different codes the step 2 we need to paste in the footer of your website and step 3 is the actual code of your video.

If you are doing it the first time on your website step 2 is the process we have to do only time step 3 is the actual video and can post it many times in your post.

I am using a WordPress plugin to insert the code in header and footer. this plugin will also help you to insert Google analytic code and a further benefit is once you have inserted the code you can deactivate the plugin.

Search for plugin header and footer by small business team insert and activate the plugin. once you have activated the plugin in WordPress go to Settings –> Insert code paste the step2 in the footer and save it

The step 3 code paste it in a blog post, got to test view and paste the code and preview the page, the video is live and it will fit automatically according to your page layout.

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