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How to Improve Productivity With Proven Strategies That Work

Written by Digital Manoj

Improving Productivity is very important in our day to day activities most of us work for full day but few of them will realize the output results is not productive and most of your activities are getting postponed.

In this post i will show you how you should plan to achieve your Goals. These are the Proven strategies that works best for everyone to concentrate on your personal life.

Prepare a Goal what you want to achieve in your life this helps you to know your path then break your goals in small bit sized tasks and implement it regularly for a duration of 30 days this will become as a Habit and your subconscious mind will get trained by the daily actions.

Every Morning is a New beginning start creating daily task that has to be completed by end of the day. Either you can use paper or Mobile Apps, etc. Some of them will create task based on Time schedule but i usually prefer using the App without time schedule. One of the best app i am using as per my convenient Do It Tomorrow

When you are writing task for a particular day make sure 80% should be your personal growth and rest of them will be routine like going to supermarket, cleaning house, preparing food etc.

Do Not work continuously and when you start working make sure without any deviation keep 50 minutes of timer and then take a break and repeat the process for 3 to 4 times.

We know well any new habits we try to do we can stick to the rules only forfew days because of our negligence or any other priorities on a particular day will break the chain. so you should get motivated by yourself by doing some simple techniques.

I suggest you to follow the habits for at least 30 days if any of the day you have not performed repeat the process and start as day 1.

Take a calendar and keep it visible anywhere to see it daily and then once you have completed your daily target keep a big X in the Calendar. so when you see it daily X mark you will not feel to have a break for a day and you get motivated by yourself.

Invest time in yourself. In end of the day just remember what have you done through out the day, how much time you have taken to complete your daily task and how much time you have wasted, it helps you to understand the loop poles and become more productive.

Daily learn new things and apply it. The top entrepreneurs daily habits is Yoga, Mediation and Reading Books related to there interest and working towards short and long term goals

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