All You Need To Know About Remarketing

Written by Digital Manoj

Remarketing does the job to follow you

The sole purpose of marketing is to get more exposure and more sales. This is something that everyone knows about. But the understanding of this one statement is crucial if one wants to understand remarketing and its purpose.

The traditional way to market something was to get your ad in front of the customers, but times have changed since, and newer and more efficient methods have come up. Traditional ads are still relevant, but no one wants to rely on the chance that the people may or may not see their ads.

The bitter truth is that even with all the online presence in the world, a customer won’t necessarily buy your product, also if they get as far as reading about in on your page. As disheartening as it sounds, the way to overcome this is remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is reconnecting with the people or customers who have visited your website. After they leave your site, regardless of whether they have made a purchase or not, they will start seeing your ads at all the relevant places on the internet. However, keep in mind that the sole purpose of these ads is to keep the customer hooked, which means that you do not pay for it until someone clicks on it.

So what this does is it keeps the customer interested as they are always aware of your product and can come back to your website at another time to make a purchase. Remarketing is not spontaneous, but it does lead to higher than expected conversion rates over time.

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Benefits of Remarketing

The most significant benefit of remarketing is that it can turn a casual visitor into a regular customer. It is also the most reliable way to reach out to your customers without being too pushy about it. It is also light in your pockets, and businesses of all budgets can do this.

There is no competition here since you aren’t marketing randomly; you are just targeting the people who have already visited your website. You can also choose who sees these ads when which is a benefit your customers will appreciate.

Ways to remarketing

The simplest way to remarket is by using tags; you can place it on all the pages of your website or only on a few product pages. An excellent example to this is when you put a remarketing tag on an expensive product that a customer won’t buy the first time they see it.

What happens here is, if the potential customer leaves your website without buying, the tag is then stored in their browser’s cookies. And then they begin triggering your ads whenever they come online, thanks to Google’s Display Network. However, you still have complete control over them and can see how they are triggered and can choose when the customers see it.

The other thing is dynamic remarketing, which is merely showing your customers the product, benefits and why it is better than all the other products out there.

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