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  • Digital Marketing Tips for businesses, freelancers, Bloggers and Network Marketing Professionals.
  • Basic & advance Social Media Marketing Techniques.
  • A community to help individuals to become their own boss with the help of the internet, this is done by financially independent first, and then experiencing the Passive source of income towards time & Money Freedom, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.

About my career

After finishing my studies (Pharma), I’ve started my career as a professional sales representative in a pharma company, within 2 years I’ve got promoted as a first-line manager, with an excellent track record.

I Quit my job in 2015 and started my business as a network marketing professional, In a Us based MNc. Within a Year I did perform outstandingly and achieved a Good level with great recognition and foreign trips.

Why I Joined Digital Marketing?

All businesses and individual who want to market their products and services on the internet is most important in this digital age.

According to survey data by December 2018, currently there are 566 Million Internet users in India and it is predicted that there will be 627 Million people are going to use the Internet by the end of the year 2019, out of which 75% of new internet users will be from the rural area. Now you can imagine the power of the internet.

Increased availability of cheap data plan, bandwidth and increased awareness rapidly bridged the gap between urban & rural India.

To tap the potential to reach out to the customer effectively in a digital way increased the Demand of Digital Marketing.

‘Digital Marketing is the process of Attract, engage and convert customers by reaching the customers in a more effective and precise way.’


Basic Ways to Make Online Presence for your Business.

In this digital age, where everything is online, the Internet is a very useful communication tool today. An online presence can give your business wings,it will give Your Business credibility and allows people to find your business Online. 

It is simply a great way to connect, engage with potential and existing customers.

According to research in December 2018, there are 36 crore internet users in India and it is estimated to reach 62 crore users by the end of 2019.

The data clearly indicates that if your services or businesses, not having an online presence you are missing something big.

According to a report, Indians spend roughly 200   a day consuming internet using different devices currently, which is predicted to reach 300 Minutes in 2020.      More Internet users Mean More Market for you, 

Here I give you some basic setups you can do to establish your online presence when you are on beginner.

Google My Business Listing

You can set up Google My Business to Manage Your Online listing for free. Easy to signup and verification by post mail will arrive at you within 10 days . after verification you can use free google we.bsite here, Google map with your business location marking so that your customer can reach to you easily.

You can customise your free google website, posting updates and post about your services and Businesses updates here.

E.g. Angel’s touch beauty parlour is located on some busy street of Bilaspur if someone search for the business on google below will be the search result if the beauty salon has listed itself on Google My Business.

Now you can do updates with the Google my Business App also in your android/iPhones you have to just install the same, sounds interesting!

preview of a sample of Google my business listing

How to list on Google My Business

It’s simple to do when you have your Gmail account follow the link below to do the listing with easy doing steps.


You can gather Online reviews also to increase your credibility, It’s about anything your customers are saying about your company. Good Online reviews are an authentic way to promote Your Business.

Just Dial Listing

It’s a local  /search engine, you can find any business listed on just dial. Go for Free listing option in beginning you can opt for paid option in future.

Set up your  Social media channels

There is no need to explain in details as nowadays everyone is using social medial like Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

All you have to do is to make your business page initially on facebook and Instagram first.

facebook page of business

You can stay with a touch to your fans and followers here to get them to know your latest offers and updates and keep interaction with them. Posting regularly will increase the engagement with your client and keep them reminding about your business.

preview of a Instagram business Page

Set up a simple website

Your website is the home base for your business, it showcases your business at online platforms about your products and services, it helps people to find about your business and services and should answer  common question on your website visitors, keep it simple yet effective, you can start out to build a simple website with a free platform like Wix

Wix offers simple ways to create a website with your own without hassles of coding or website building knowledge.

Click below Tutorial video link how to make a Wix  website  

Google business listing, setting up social media channels, start a website are basic and powerful  steps to establish your business online, 

The Internet has changed the life of all. 

Thank you very much for reading

Now if your business has gone online, please share your experience or comments below!

See you again

Digital Manoj

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