Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

There are many definitions and theories are given but practically we can understand marketing by Digital Marketig is

Delivering the Right Message

to the right person

at the right time and

the right place

with the help of digital channels.

“Digital Marketing is the process of reaching your target customer in a more Effective & Precise way through digital channels to attract, engage and convert them.”

How Digital Marketing is Different from Traditional Marketing?

In Digital Marketing the customers undergo with same stages of Buying Cycle as of Traditional Marketing but by different channels, that’s the only difference is.

you can see on a table below

Difference between Traditional versus Digital Marketing

Advantage Of Digital Marketing

There are many advantages of Digital Marketing compared to Traditional Marketing

  1. Reach more people with less budget
  2. Most of the people are online
  3. One can Target the audience better
  4. Analysis of results is better
  5. Optimization of the performance can be done
  6. Possibility to run an intelligent campaign.

In this Digital Age where most of the people are spending more time Online with various devices can be precisely targeted, engage them, track & analyse the results and can convert them with businesses and services.

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